How Mortgage Brokers Get Paid

How much does a Mortgage broker charge and who pays them?

A mortgage broker only gets paid if they are able to close on your home loan and the funds are released. The majority of brokers don’t cost borrowers anything up front and are generally risk-free. A reputable mortgage broker will disclose how they are paid for their services, as well as detail the total costs of the loan.

  • Most Mortgage brokers are often paid by lenders, sometimes by borrowers, but by law, never both. Ask about your broker’s fee structure before the use of their services. 
  • Federal law also bans mortgage brokers from charging hidden fees and prohibits kickbacks from affiliated businesses.

Mortgage brokers that are paid by the lender will not add a penny to the borrower’s closing costs, giving you their services free of charge. Which is the pay structure we follow here at Home loans by JCI.